So it's been awhile since many of you guys have heard from us and as you can see, there is a reason why. A couple months ago we saw the departure of our glorious leader Tim, and while his absence is still felt today, we here at GGU have kept busy preparing for the upcoming blitz of content from Motiga.

Right off the bat you've probably noticed our new website. When we encountered an issue with our server hosting a couple months ago we decided that it was in our best interest to drop the old website and build something new from the ground up. The fruits of our labor are what you see today; a sleek, simple, and versatile setup that will allow us to create all the content we want, and be able to bring it to you without going too crazy over the details. The builder is still here and we are well on our way to getting it ready for the upcoming Stress Test Build. We have also simplified how we bring our written content to you, and you can look forward to great content from our community writers: C00s, TehWolfman, and FourthOracle, in the near future.

In addition to the changes to our website, you can also look forward to a bit of a facelift for our live video content. Bull Rush will have a new look, One Pixel has a new intro, and you can look forward to a new show coming from us in the near future! We also are working on bringing some recorded video content coming from our One Pixel experts Bazeleel and Xeru to our YouTube page.

So keep this page bookmarked and follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on when new content goes live as we continue our effort to bring the best Gigantic content to you, the fans.